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Monica R. Meyer, MD

Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics

This practice cares for children and adolescents to age 21 who have developmental or behavioral concerns. Patients are seen with a broad range of issues.

A parent may want an evaluation of a toddler who is not meeting developmental milestones or an assessment of a young child whose tantrums seem excessive. There may be a young child who is uncomfortable joining in play with peers or who has symptoms of autism or who does not want to go to sleep in his/her own bed. There are school age children who are disrupting class and not learning at their potential. There are young adolescents who are having difficulty coping with their emerging identities. And there are older adolescents who may be struggling with depression or mood swings.

Some children and adolescents come seeking a diagnosis. Others present wanting care for problems arising from an existing diagnosis. Some problems have simple solutions. Others are more complex. Some involve diagnostic testing. Some may need medication. Some are assisted by input from school or daycare providers. All involve a collaborative effort between us.

If you are interested in becoming a patient, please click on Patient Registration.  Complete and return the registration forms to my office. They can be mailed or faxed. Address and fax number are above. All requested information must be received before an appointment can be scheduled.

Click here for Screening forms on a number of developmental-behavioral diagnoses. You may choose to review and complete any that are of interest to you.

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